Has the institution constituted the Management Committee : Yes

Details of the members of the Management Committee :

<td”>Dr. Raghunath B WadekarM.DSocial workMember



Educational Qualification

Professional Occupation

1 Shri Prakash J. Wagh Social work President
2 Shri Laxman N. Game B.A. Social work Vice President
3 Shri Janaedan B. Bothe S.S.C STC Social work Secretary
4 Shri Damodhar S. Patil S.S.C STC Social work Campaign Chief
5 Dr. Dnyaneshwar D Mude DHMS Social work Member
6 Shri Ghanshyam Pikle M.A. Social work Member
7 Dr. Survyaprakash K. Jaiswal M.D Teaching Member
8 Dr. Raghunath B Wadekar M.D Social work Member
9 Shri Sahjanand B Kadu Social work Member
10 Shri Kantaprasad B Mishra M.A B ed Member
11 Ad. Shridevi V Sable LLB Social work Member
12 Shri Bhanudas V Karale Social work Member
13 Ad. Dilip K Kohale LLB Social work Member
14 Shri Manish R Jaiswal Social work Member

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