A. Library :

a) Sitting capacity in the Reading Room : 40

b) Number of Books : 2670

c) Number of Titles : 00

d) Number of ReFerence books like encyclopaedias, dictionaries Documents, Reports etc.370

e) Name of Journals subscribed :
I Loksatta
Ii Sakal
Iii Shikshan Sankraman
Iv Jivan Shikshan
V Kishor
Vi ShreeGurudev
Vii Yojana
Viii krushi vidnyan
f) Number of books added during the previous academic session : 00
g) Number of books added during the current academic session : 108
B. ICT Resource Centre :
Number of Computer Systems : 09
Availability of Internet facility : Yes
Accessibility of Internet facility to students : Yes
Number of CD ROMs : 09
Number of Resource added during the current session : No
C. Curriculum Laboratory (Essential items available be mentioned) :

S.No. Resources for Curriculum Laboratory Write “A” for Available and “NA” for not Available
I Resources for English Language A
Ii Resources for Science Education A
Iii Resources for Social Science Education A
Iv Resources for Regional Language Education A
V Resources for Core Mathematics A
Vi Overhead Projector/ Notice Boards/ Black Boards A
Vii L.C.D. Projector A